The Different Types of a Letter of Credit

As far as issuance of letters of credit is concerned, there are various categories that can be considered with the framework of an international trade deal. From commercial to revocable to transferable varieties, the letters of credit come in various.

Three Delicious Sushi Dishes to Try in Dubai

Dubai has become a cultural hub as many people from around the world have been migrating here and bringing their culture with them. Here are the top three must try sushi dishes.

How to Get the Best Car Rental Deal in Dubai?

Renting a car at affordable prices is always a concern for several tourists and residents in Dubai. But if you take some specific measures, then car renting becomes a cakewalk. For example, don’t directly hire from Airport, and use Auto slash.

What You Should Not Do During a Spa or Massage Session

Before going in for your massage treatment, here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should follow. Get enough rest on the day of your massage and drink plenty of fluids, among many other factors. Dig in to be prepared for your next session.

Tips to Prep Your AC for The Summer

To ensure that your air conditioning system is up to the task for the summer following these simple tips and instructions. From regular cleaning and checks for leaks and obstruction to regularly changing the air filters and installing a programmable thermostat, we go through all the key points one by one.

Three Important Things to Know Before a Quad Bike Desert Safari

Many people visit Dubai to enjoy thrilling sports such as desert safari with a quad bike. However, they must know the crucial aspects to make their visit fun-filled. We have created a list of three important things you must consider before the tour.

Best Places for Live Music in Dubai

The next time you’re in Dubai and you’re looking to get your dancing shoes on, there are some venues that you must check out. These places cater to all music tastes.

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