Tips to Prep Your AC for The Summer

When the warmer months are fast approaching, your air conditioning system becomes more precious than before. Thus, you should prepare your conditioning unit to be up to the task. With that said, you shouldn’t wait until your system breaks down to call for repairs. Just like any other crucial business, having your AC in perfect working condition is essential. Since AC systems can consume more than 30% extra power, poorly maintained AC systems could cause you large utility bills. To keep off such loses, AC cleaning services Dubai is a must, and the following preparations should be done to keep it working optimally.

Prep Your AC for the Summer


Since clogged AC systems have decreased cooling and increased utility bills as the AC struggles to keep your house fresh, thorough cleaning of your AC is vital before and during summer. Not to mention, the particles trapped in the air system can get blown into the house and also cause damage to the machine. Thus, cleaning the fan blades, condensation tube, copper coils, and drain is much crucial.

Inspect for leaks and obstructions

Studies have shown that 20% of the cooling effect needed in the house can get lost through ductwork leaks. On the other hand, clogged AC systems lead to the power consumption of up to 30%. That said, you need the services of experienced personnel to get the gaps in the ductwork sealed, and the components of the AC unclogged. Sounds good? Do so, and you’ll be good to go for summer.

Prepare your programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is handy equipment in an air conditioning system and can help cut down your electricity cost. With this kind of a thermostat, you can program it to be going off immediately you leave for work and kick off some few minutes before you get into the house. If you have the olden type, you should consider upgrading to programmable to allow a variety of temperatures.

Change the Air Filters In Conditioner

Change the air filters

The AC filters are responsible for indoor air quality. They purify the air by trapping dust particles among other debris. After a period of service, the filters get clogged. Therefore, it would be great to replace the filters before the onset of summer weather and keep your house comfortable. However, failing to change the clogged filters can result in sluggish AC operation.

Get your AC serviced by experts

Most importantly, scheduling for regular AC inspection of your AC is one of the best ways to keep your machine functioning optimally. The experts will carry out checks, tune-ups, and will also diagnose some potential problems and apply the best fixes. If you’re looking for the best AC services in Dubai, you should contact a reputable company like Edge Integrated Technical Services for a lasting solution.

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