Keep your Turbo Charger Maintained by Dream Team Group in Dubai

A turbocharger or turbo is a device which is installed in the engines of the vehicles to give more power to the engine. A turbocharger works me the way like it forces more air in the combustion air due to which the engine provides more output than the usual routine. Similarly, turbochargers are now also being used in the marine engines because it requires a lot of force for the marine engines to move forward in the water with the increasing speed. So basically it is necessary to have a turbocharger in the marine engines in order to cover more distance in the small time period, and it requires maintenance as well. Dream Team Group is providing Service and maintenance of turbocharger in Dubai.

Overhauling of turbochargers by Dream Team Group

Turbo Charger Maintenance and repairs.

You must plan a schedule to get your turbocharger of the marine engine to get serviced and checked. From 13 years we are providing our marine services in Dubai and all the customers we have served till now are satisfied with our services and our work. We know very well that ships are required to cover the millions of miles every year and they carry much precious and heavy load in them which they have to deliver successfully, for this purpose it is necessary for any ship to be well maintained. Not only this must you be planning a trip in your boat or yacht with your family on the weekends, and if you do not want any possibility to get your trip ruined then you have to keep each and every part of your boat or yacht well maintained.

A turbocharger is a necessary part of any engine, maybe if you give more acceleration to the engine to get more output then your engine will get heat up and to prevent this problem it is necessary that your turbocharger is working well in your engine. Once you decide that when do you require your turbocharger to be serviced then you can contact us and our team will reach you as soon as possible. There are many things in a turbocharger which are required to be checked from time to time,

  • K value of the blower side is needed to be measured
  • Chemical cleaning of blower and turbine
  • Inspection f blower and turbine
  • Labyrinth seal airline must be cleared carefully
  • Checking of case and blade in case of any crack or wear out
  • Checking of static balance after it is reassembled

In short, we make the detail check of all of the parts of the turbocharger and replace anything if require as well, Dream Team Group has the high-quality equipment and professional team members. Our main goal is to ensure the safety of your life and equipment and a safe journey for you and your family and friends. It is that responsibility which we take very seriously and try to meet all of your demands and expectations. We provide the quality services and quality repairs which meet all the necessary steps.

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