Trusted Repair and Service of Heat Exchangers by Dream Team Group in the UAE

Dream Team Group as promised has provided the marine services to the people in UAEfor many years. The comfort of our clients is the main goal of our company. Any kind of marine service or boat repair is provided to our customers by our skilled team in the entire UAE. Repair and service of heat exchangers and condensers by Dream Team Group in UAE is also available for our valued customers.

Repair and service of heat exchangers

Best Heat Exchangers repairing in the UAE

Heat exchangers used in boats are almost the same as normal heat exchangers and are dealt exactly the same way as normal ones. Heat exchangers help to cool off the engine and other running equipment in the boat by exchanging heat and without this equipment, the excess amount of heat cannot be removed from the engine. Since you know how important it is for a boat engine to cool down, you can imagine that defected heat exchanger and the damage it will cause to your boat engine by not removing the excess heat. So in order to avoid this problem Dream TeaGroup offers you repair and service of heat exchangers.

Heat exchangers are basically of two types

  • Plate-type marine heat exchanger
  • Shell and Tube marine heat exchanger.

Plate-type heat exchangers have set of multiple parallel plates which form main cooling unit while Shell and Tube type heat exchangers have a bundle of tubes packed inside a shell. Heat exchangers work in such a way that lube oil collects heat from the engine and passes it to heat exchangers which then after absorbing that gets them discarded into the ocean. So now if anything happens to that heat exchanger it will fail to cool down your engine causing excessive damage to your boat engine it will affect the efficiency of other equipment of your boat. To help you avoid this problem Dream Team Group will help you service your boat’s heat exchangers and condensers, and repair them if damaged. Our team provides you with efficient and skilled workers that will handle such problems for you.

Small passages or tubes in the heat exchangers sometimes get fouled or clogged causing blockage and thus giving the result to a dysfunctional heat exchanger. With the help of our skilful staff maintenance of your boat is not a problem anymore. All kind of marine services are provided by Dream Team Group and repair of any part of the marine boat is available for our prestigious customers.

Dream Team Group also offers our customers with Annual service contract according to which yearly service of boats to our valuable clients is provided. Regular inspection of the boat including its heat exchangers and condensers is done by our team so that any unnoticed defects can be inspected and sorted out. These little defects in the parts of heat exchangers are usually not easily noticed until some serious damage has been caused so in order to avoid this our Dream Team Group is there for the help of all of our UAE clients.

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