Get your Auxiliary Marine Generators Maintained by Dream Team Group

You can find many Auxiliary Marine Generators in Dubai, and it is the most important part of any ship or power boat which includes the engine. Dream Team Group offers the maintenance and service of Auxiliary Generators in your boat or yacht. Auxiliary generators are widely used in all types of boats and ships which have the enough room for this generator to be kept. As for machines, we cannot completely trust them because by sometimes they will stop working if they are not well maintained. Similarly, these generators are used as a backup plan if the engine fails to work and there is no chance to get it repaired between the seas.

Maintenance of Auxiliary Generator by Dream team Group

Auxiliary Generator Service and maintenanceAuxiliary Generator Service and maintenance

As you already know that these generators are used as a backup plan so if these generators also stop working then for sure there will be no chance for you to get back to land and there will be no chance as well to send the radio message because there will be no equipment left to power your boat so all you have to do is to wait for any help to find you themselves.

There are different time periods to check your auxiliary generators that we provide you,

  • Daily Check
  • 250 Hours Check
  • 1000 Hours Check
  • 2000 Hours Check
  • 4000 Hours Check
  • 8000 Hours Check
  • 25000 Hours Check

All of these time period checkups require a different type of maintenance, and for every checkup, it is required to change the parts of the generator to keep it running. Travelling in the sea is a very risky but amazing way of travel. Mostly for rich people who owns their own yacht and likes to go in the sea in their yacht so that they can have a peaceful and calm journey, and it often happens that in the middle of the sea their yacht shuts down due to some problem or due to any storm.

So here the auxiliary generator comes next rather it is not as much powerful as the boat engine but it can provide you with enough power that you can complete rest of your journey easily and from there you can get your boat engine repaired. For this purpose, we offer our services to keep your generator maintained. Dream Team Group offers the wide range of marine services in very low price. If you want us to check your auxiliary generator then we will check the fuel level of your generator and after this, we will drain and service the fuel and any other water tank.

After this comes the check of the oil in the generator which is often called as Mobil-oil, this is the necessary oil for the generator because it keeps the generator clean and lubricated from inside and do not let any part of the generator from inside to get rust. Then our team checks all the lubrication of the generator and lubricates any part of the generator if it is required.

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