The best services of Dream Team Group

Dream Team Group was established eighteen years ago and since that time it has been providing the best services to our customers and we also intend to do same in the future. We as a team have a mission to provide with the best possible comforts to our customers in various aspects of life. We have been serving our customers and clients in the UAE and Dubai from 13 successful years and from 2007 our construction projects have been started in Kerala. We intend to spread our business further so we can facilitate people of other countries like we have been doing in the UAE and India.

Valuable projects of Dream Team Group

Dream Team Group has been carrying out a number of projects in the UAE and Kerala. These projects cover most of the major needs of our customers and we provide them with the best of our services. In the case of any doubt you can get the reviews from our past customers and for sure you will get satisfactory response, because we believe in the customer satisfaction. Services that we have already been providing are,

  • Marine Services.
  • Building maintenance.
  • Home maintenance.
  • Interior designing.
  • Carpentry and flooring.
  • Home remodelling.
  • Aluminium roofing.
  • New building and housing projects.
  • Painting and Cladding work.
  • Pest control service.
  • Fence work.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts.

Marine services are provided in whole UAE and are really better than the services provided by the other companies. Marine services involve the maintenance of all types of boats. So when it comes to the Boat maintenance it includes engine maintenance, repair, washing etc. So now you do not have to worry about boat maintenance or any stuff related to your boat all you have to do is give us a call and let our team handle all of your boat maintenance work.

Other projects are mostly related to construction and maintenance of homes which includes remodelling, fence work, painting, new housing schemes, roofing etc. Since the beginning of this company we have been providing the construction services to our clients in the UAE but in 2007 we have started this service in Kerala as well. Construction projects involve either new housing schemes or remodelling. Our company provides you with the best team to construct your dream house, let just bring it into reality. A beautiful house is everything one can desire and if you also have the same desire then just let The DreamTeam Group know about it. Apart from this, Dream Team Group can also remodel your house by professional workers with best skills. Our company has the best interior designers and construction staff to turn your dream house into a reality. Our main partner Dubai yacht charter - Royal Yachts 

Dream Work Project

Dream Work Project was started back in 2013 to provide our services to people of Kerala like we’ve been doing for the people of UAE. This project is named exact to its purpose, and that purpose is to work on your dream house and make it real because dreams do come real where Dream Team Group is involved. Dream Work Project has 3 house designs that suit your needs and has everything that a beautiful and a comfortable house should have in it.



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