Marine Services including Engine Maintenance by Dream Team Group

Dream Team Group has been providing its services to the customers from many successful years and they are providing various facilities which include marine services. Our company is putting the best of our efforts to give you the ease by letting the burden of boat maintenance off of your shoulder. We tried and have been succeeded in providing our customers with the best of our services that no other company in the UAE provides. Our staff and our entire team put their hundred percent effort and motivation towards work so you can get the best results.

Maintenance of boat

Getting a great marine service in the UAE

A boat requires regular maintenance like oil changing and boat engine servicing every once in a week, which is very necessary and all this maintenance process do consume a lot of your precious time and energy so in order to avoid any inconvenience you just have to contact Dream Team Group. You just have to contact us and our well-experienced staff will be there for you in your service. Boat engines should be maintained properly and regularly and this is why Dream Team Group is here for you.

An engine can be maintained properly in following ways

  • Changing oil regularly
  • Water pump maintenance
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Ship boiler maintenance
  • Vessel pipe work services
  • Maintaining of turbochargers
  • Repair of propellers
  • Engine modifications
  • Lubrication of lower unit

Al of the above steps isnecessary for the maintenance of your boat which our team can take care in a perfect way. Dream Team Group also offers an Annual Maintenance contract for our regular customers from UAE which will help you with each and every part of your boat or yacht because our team would be there for the yearly maintenance process. Annual Maintenance project involves checking for any fault in your boat or yacht and if there is some fault present then it will be taken care by us, if there is any leakage present then it is handled immediately, safety equipment is also installed on the boat and any other electrical and mechanical issues are also handled with perfection.

Oil should be changed regularly and it is an important thing to keep in mind in boat maintenance and washing as well and Dream Team Company offers to take good care of such things. Similarly, modification of engine is also required if you want your boat to work efficiently and our team can also install new engine modifications to your boat to avoid any kind of difficulty. In case you need any spare parts for any kind of boat then our company makes sure to provide with the best quality of spare parts. A time to time lubrication of engine and other parts is also necessary for maintenance so it lies in one of the other jobs of our team. Dream TeamGroup tries to give their best to the customers, that’s why it is the best marine maintenance company in UAE.

Repairing of turbochargers and gas turbines are also handled by our team, in short, all the tasks required for the maintenance of boat can be done by our team so you need not worry about anything because Dream Team Group is always there for you.

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