Satisfactory Marine Gear Boxes maintenance by Dream Team Group in Dubai

In whole boat the equipment or part which is most neglected and not taken care of is the Boat’s Transmission, it may happen because it is the most boring and not the most prominent equipment, you take care and keep maintained all other equipment in the boat which is major like,

  • Engine
  • Propeller
  • Auxiliary Generator
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Hydraulics
  • Pumps

Similar to them much other prominent equipment but you often forget that each and everything is important in a boat but when a storm comes and any of your equipment stops working then it will be quite impossible for you to save yourself or find your way back to some safe place. In the UAE, Dream Team Group offers the maintenance of Gearbox in Dubai which many others neglect.

Advantages of maintenance of Gear Box by Dream Team Group

Maintenance of all types of Marine Gearboxes

It’s the mission of Dream Team Group to make your each and every journey a peaceful and safe because we are not here just to make money but it is our duty to take care of all your marine equipment and of your life as well. This is one of that equipment which will push your boat in the water and keeps your engine to run. It may be simple but it is the most effective device in any boat and it can take you anywhere any time safely.

It is very much likely to any car transmission system and its work is similar to it, like to speed up the rpm of your propeller similar that the transmission system in car speeds up the rpm of the tires, still it is different than the transmission in your car because these are not the tires and the roads, here is the water and the propeller and thruster and it does not give the acceleration to the boat similar to the cars.

The thing which makes it different from the car’s transmission system is that it has basically three transmissions which work in the ways like the first transmission is neutral just like you keep your car in neutral gear, and here the propeller stops working. Another one is the clockwise rotation which helps the boat to move forward and one of the last is counterclockwise rotation in which the boat moves in the forward direction. The speed will depend on the acceleration given to the engine, not the transmission system.

If any of your transmission systems stops working then for sure you can be in great trouble, except this, there is another great purpose of this marine transmission system that it can be used to operate the auxiliary system of your boats and yacht. So in order to keep this device in working order we are here to help you, all you need to do is to take an appointment from Dream Team Group and our team will reach you with the specialists and take care of your marine transmission system to keep your journey safe and sound.

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