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In any marine vehicle, the hydraulic system is very helpful, it is being used in many other industries but in the marine industry, it is being used from many past years. In marine industry hydraulics system is being used in many things like,

  • Steering gears
  • Elevators
  • Cargo doors
  • Cranes
  • Winches
  • Anchor windlass
  • Ventilation dampers

And any other cylindrical things which require the heavy pressure. Without this the ship is useless and it will consume a lot of human power and time to lift off the cargo from the ship. Dream Team Group provides all kind of hydraulics services in the UAE.

Hydraulics Services by Dream Team Group

Dream Team Group -  Hydraulic Services

Hydraulics is the prominent and major part of any ship or boat and it is very necessary because it can lift off very heavy loads and close all the cargo doors tightly so that water does not come inside. Hydraulics system uses the liquid fluid power because when pressure is applied at one side of the liquid in any cylinder it will give pressure to the other side of the cylinder if there is no hole or crack in the cylindrical container.

With the invention of hydraulics system it has brought a great change in the heavy industries and marine industry is one of them, but as a machine there will be a time when the hydraulics system stops working due to some fault, and it can be very difficult to find the fault in it and it requires a professional team to find the exact fault in it. Dream team Group provides this hydraulics service in Dubai at very low price, and you can trust us that you are handing over your ship or boat in the right hands and we will take care of it very well.

We are working in the UAE for 13 years and in these successful 13 years, we have made many trusted customers who are satisfied with our services. We perform various checkups of your boat or ship hydraulics system to find the exact fault in it. We have the latest equipment and tools for repair and service of your hydraulics system. Except this, we open all the parts of the hydraulics system and look out for any kind of impurity in the oil, and clean the whole cylinder by the latest techniques.

All of our employees can fix up all kinds of minor problems on-site and if the problem is major then we have to open up the hydraulics system and find the problem and find the way to repair or replace the specific part of the hydraulics system. We have employed the most experienced engineers and fitters from the other parts of the world, we have trained each of our worker and engineer from years to get them at this level.

In the UAE we are working for all types of marine services, from which hydraulics system service is one of them, we can repair any kind of problem you can face in the hydraulics system of your boat or ship.

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