Three Important Things to Know Before a Quad Bike Desert Safari

Millions of tourists from all over the world visit Dubai to see the attractions this city has to offer. The amazing landscapes and the serene desert is one of the major places people want to go during their trips. There are several fun-filled activities available including desert safari with the quad bike. People love to have a thrilling experience while going dune bashing, visiting vistas, and overnight camping. The weather is quite hot but still, people come to visit this region all around the year. Here are a few things to make your desert safari comfortable and full of fun during quad biking.

Desert Safari with Quad Bike

Perfect Time of the Year

Extreme winds and hot weather make it unbearable to enjoy exciting desert sports. You can visit the city during the winter season which spans from November till March. It is better than facing a temperature crossing fifty-five degrees during summer seasons. You can enjoy all H1: of sports in December as this is considered as the best month for a desert safari tour. You must wear sun-protection and dress up appropriately to avoid scorching sun rays. If this is the first time you are going for quad biking, wear open shoes so you can take them off when they fill with sand. Keep glasses and hats even during the winter seasons because windy weather can make you uncomfortable during the ride.

Sports You Must Try

The desert safari you will experience in Dubai is quite different. You will not see such amazing skyline and beautiful landscapes elsewhere. The desert is also filled with thrilling activities that will not let you get bored for even a moment. You can go quad biking, dune smashing, camel riding, and desert safari or you can stay at the camp area to enjoy Arabic cuisine, henna tattoos, and belly dance. You can try these activities during the day as well as night time. Sight-seeing is more fun during morning hours, but you have to spend some time under the sun. The evening hours give you an opportunity to see beautiful stars and skyline.

Deals You Can Take

Deals You Can Take

The charges of Dubai desert safari packages keep changing as per the season and service provider. You should check out several deals and combos before taking a decision. You can go on a morning tour or an evening tour as per your convenience. Always make sure you compare the charges and duration of the deals before paying the amount. You must also consider the services provided in the package so you know that you are paying the right amount for this adventure.

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