Things to avoid while renting a car

Dubai marina rent a car

Dubai marina rent a car is really a great idea and could provide you many amenities like comfort, 24/7 assistance, travel longer distances and many more. But it becomes necessary to avoid some mistakes that could make your journey more and your renting experience cheaper and hassle free. If you are someone who want to avoid these mistakes then you should definitely follow the article.

Some of the mistakes that we commit due to lack of knowledge and facts could be easily avoided are provided below:


  • Purchasing unnecessary insurance: This is one of the most obvious mistakes that we generally do. While renting a car, there is no need to purchase any extra insurance as it is nowhere needed. The rental car companies already cover their car with insurance so it is unnecessary to purchase any extra insurance that anyone offers.
  • Not refilling the tank on the way back: If you haven’t noticed it yet then you should definitely read the clause provided in the legal documents while renting a car. If you choose for their fuel plan then they would charge you a huge amount of money in the name of refilling the tank even if you haven’t used it to full. So why pay extra money when you could stop at a gas station and refill the tank all by yourself instead of paying them.

Not returning the car

  • Not being a part of their club: This is also one of the common mistakes that everyone does. If you are a person who is in need of the rental car in many occasions then it is better to enroll yourself in their clubs that would help you provide better rebates and other concessional amenities.
  • Not paying any attention to the coupons available: One of the most common mistakes that we all commit is not paying any attention to the coupons and rebates provided by the rental car companies to offer you much cheaper deals that you could grab. But in order to rent a car in a hurry we often ignore these amazing offers by the rental car companies.
  • Not knowing about the International laws: It is also one of the most vital mistake that some of the tourists from a foreign country. It is really important to know the rules and regulations of the country where you are wishing to rent a car. It’s better to take the lessons of the international laws instead of committing a mistake that could lead you behind the bars or could invite penalties.
  • Not returning the car you rented on time: It is also a very big mistake that could be committed by the customer. It’s really important to return back the car on time otherwise you would attract many penalties and heavy dues. So, in order to avoid this extra wastage of money, you have to return the car on time.

These are some of the mistakes that could be avoided if you pay some little attention towards the rental car services and its agreement papers.


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